Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5.0 Feature of the Day: Weapons Grade Extrusions

What's the name of that one movie about the guy with the laser-y sword and the bad guy with another laser-y sword and the little green guy who has a laser-y sword, too? And it's about adventure and redemption and stuff like that? Ah, this is going to drive me nuts!

Atlantic hurricane paths represented as copy written fictional weapons of varying data-driven height.

Anyways, the fun-filled extrusion icon (a spatial bar chart) available in VFX is a favorite of several clients, and in 5.0 (mid-October, 2010) it gets a face lift from a galaxy far far away...or something.
Feature-wise, this is hardly worth mentioning. But nerd-wise, it's too fun not to preview! The trusty old extruded cylinder now looks like an elegant weapon for a more civilized age...

You can almost hear them hum...

Want them to make an electric arc sizzle sound when you click them?  Then you are a nerd, and I like you!  But seriously, if you want that you can check out the SDK.  Oh the possibilities.

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