Monday, October 18, 2010

5.0 Feature of the Day: Correlation Charts

A small pile of charts are integrated into Visual Fusion 5.0 so that you can see and interact with data in a fun map/chart coordination love fest.  One of these charts is the correlation chart, or scatterplot.  Here's an example of it plugged into some census data...

US Counties get a full visual working-over with tandemized maps and charts (X = Average Age, Y = Average Income, and the counties are colored by population density).  Oh by the way, it is really hard getting good royalty-free music, but I like this ragtime snippet from incompetech.  Does anyone out there know of another good royalty-free music site?

Remember, correlation can never assert causality, only an interesting relationship!  So use your new powers for good instead of evil.

Also, around second 45 of the video, you can see that I can type in specific values directly into the filter slider.  This is so nice (sometimes totally essential) when your slider covers a very wide range and moving it even one pixel does not provide the precision you need.  An insightful client of ours, Karl-Friedrich Franz of Novartis, proposed this feature -which has handily found its way into several components of the product.

Oh, one more thing.  You'll notice each axis of the scatterplot has tiny tics indicating that dimension's frequency and providing a nice visual reference of distribution right there at the edge.  It was totally Edward Tufte's idea, from the awesome The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. That guy really knows how to visually display quantitative information.

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