Monday, October 4, 2010

Totally Awesome WMS Feed from NASA

The folks at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have compiled a -really nice- WMS feed of satellite data.  Here are some examples pulled into VFX...

Active Fires via Satellite Sensors over the past 30-Days, over B/W filtered Bing Maps Aerial Imagery.

Global Bathymetry and Global Topography

Average Daytime Surface Temperature over Blue Marble Bathymetry

Atlantic Hurricane Paths (via NOAA, not included in WMS) in the context of Population Density and Global Bathymetry

It's so nice to work with a WMS that functions, let alone provides really interesting and beautiful data.  You can browse the full set of layers in this feed at NASA's previewer page.  For more information on pooling data like this with your organization's business/operational data, in the context of time and charting visualizations, drop us a line!
And here is the path directly to the feed's getCapabilities (which you can paste into the Ad-Hoc feeds menu in VFX.):

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