Friday, December 10, 2010

Connectors for Context

One of the powers of the Visual Fusion engine is the ability to write data connectors to whatever proprietary system that holds your juicy data, pulling this previously siloed data into the context of the rest of your enterprise’s data systems, public services, or even ad-hoc data created by collaborating employees.
I often see the headaches (but more frequently the missed opportunities) enterprises suffer from the stovepipe problem of alienated data systems.  SalesForce data lives over here, GIS data lives over there, human resources data lives still somewhere else, etc.  Visual fusion provides a means of context (context, by the way, is a magical thing in visualization –and in real life).

Anyways, IDV just released another data connector, this time for Salesforce.  Check out the live demo here, and the YouTube overview here.

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