Friday, October 28, 2011

Physical Security: Commute Alerting for Risk Avoidance

Foremost in the set of objectives for any organization's physical security team is the safety and security of employees.  On-site safety and prevention mechanisms are generally more clear-cut, but delivering travel convenience and avoidance of off-campus collateral risk is a subtler task with real benefits -like increased efficiency and the confidence of an informed workforce.
Here's an example from a demonstration instance of the Visual Command Center, IDV Solutions' package solution for physical security, using bundled connections to and services from Visual Fusion, Bing Maps Services, SQL Server, SharePoint, and others...

A lower Manhattan office complex is mapped in relation to employee residences.

A relational linkage of employees to facilities feeds a set of commute paths.

In this scenario a security operator is aware of an off-campus risk, perhaps from a bundled emergency feed, or a priori knowledge.  Using the solution's spatial query tool, they define an area of risk, generating a list of employee commutes that pass through this area.

This refined set of employees can then be notified in a singular message, based on employee contact information.

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