Thursday, October 13, 2011

Visual Fusion for iPad now in iTunes

Visual Fusion for iPad is now available for free* with some pre-bundled demo apps, like the Historical Hurricanes, Demographic Explorer, American Enclaves, Global Environmental Risks, and the resurrected-from-a-deep-long-sleep Wonders of the World.

They're really there to seed the system with some illustrative demos until an organization configures it's own sets of apps comprised of their own topics and data.  That step requires a license to Visual Fusion, more on that and links to those customers here.

Organizations already having a license to Visual Fusion will now be able to spin off iPad-ready versions of their applications for use on the go, or quickly make new applications from scratch

The setup page lets you load new app sets if you have them and manage them individually.

The home page is a nice visual way of browsing, sorting, and finding your available apps.  Plus it has the iObligatory wood grain background.  So cozy.

You can arrange your available apps how you like by dragging them around.

Tap an app (I know) to dive into the space-time visualization.

Here's American Enclaves in its iPad incarnation.  This is also available in the browser if you, like me, don't actually own an iPad but play with them at work.

Los Angeles in the American Enclaves app.

US Counties thematically colored and filterable by demographic data.  I wish now I'd included the filtering UI in the screenshot.  Oh well.  Always leave them wanting more, right?

The trusty old map-timeline integration that does so much for context is there in the iPad.  The Historical Hurricanes app is probably the best illustration to date of the benefits of map/time visual concurrence.  You can, alternatively, check out the web version here.

Here's a snapshot of the Environmental Risk app showing current wildfires in the central United States and Mexico.  Also in that app are current earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and other disastrous things.

So download it and give it a spin.  Visual Fusion.  And, as always, we're eager to hear what you think one way or the other!

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