Monday, February 27, 2012

Pop Quiz!

The first person to answer BOTH of the following two questions satisfact-ationally will win this 100% cotton 0% trans fat lichen-green IDV short sleeve t-shirt, bragging rights, intrinsic satisfaction, and a cherry flavored Blow Pop (to scale, see image)!
Post your answer as a comment to seize your destiny.  All runners up will receive NOTHING!

The questions are...

1) Name this place...

2) Name the five components of Richard Saul Wurman's LATCH theory of Information Architecture...



  1. Martha's Vineyard

    L is for Location
    A represents Alphabet
    T is for Time
    C represents Category

  2. Martha's Vineyard

    L - Location, geographic reference
    A - Alphabet, organize words
    T - Time, chronological organization
    C - Categorize the information
    H - Hierarchy, evaluate importance

  3. The winner is SPConway!
    SPConway, email me ( with a place where I can mail the goods. Wear that IDV shirt with pride and enjoy the rich and subtle flavors of the cherry Blow Pop. This is your day. Savor it.

    Jediah Scott, you lost by two minutes! Which means you were probably typing your answer when SPConway posted theirs! That's too close, so we'll send you a shirt as well. But no Blow Pop! The Blow Pop goes to SPConway! Email me with your address and we'll send that shirt right over.

    Thanks all!