Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Freaky Friday 2012.0 Projects

As promised, here is a summary rundown of projects that IDVers conjured for Freaky Friday 2012.0.  Lots of fun, lots of promise, and plenty of ideas for version 2012.1!  Here are the projects in the order that they were presented...

Merav created a training tutorial (sample module along with documentation) that walks a user through creating a data-driven filter control.  The filter presents the user with choices that are populated dynamically from the data source.

Nahim created a data-view maker that allows the user to aggregate quantitative data of a feed by choosing an attribute and an aggregate function.  He also created a means to filter by attribute values in a non-database feed.

Adam F.
Adam created a filter-building engine that scans the attributes and values of a feed and presents a set of client-side data filters.  With an eye toward UX, filters are automatically shown as lists, drop-downs, and sliders.  He also threw in pie and sunburst charts.

Abhinav created a Pseudo 3D Basemap Overlay method that stacks multi-floor image overlays into a vertical tower that honors map tilt/rotate.

Abhishek created the GeoChi, a method of calculating the weighted geographic centroid on-the-fly given a constellation of point inputs with weight factors added by the user in the client.

Leo wrote a VF connector to the document-oriented NoSQL database system, MongoDB, which is used by many large enterprises.  The connector has read/write capabilities so MongoDB records can be created/managed/deleted directly from the VF client.

Marketing Team
George, Deb, and Chris F. collaborated on a proposal to increase the confidence and clarity of alerting by leveraging more spatially-precise weather warning areas to reduce false positive weather alerting and  mocked up a rules-based method of alert prioritization so that top-tier events are given visual and auditory prominence.

Chris A.
Chris A. used standard SharePoint capabilities and a little magic to replicate the more flexible relational data structure of a database by using workflows and merging values in a SharePoint feed’s available attributes and styling rules.  Additionally, he intercepted the feed’s image preview provided by VF for SharePoint and inserted it into the details panel for any item belonging to that feed.

Justin improved the Basemap Tiling Scheme to efficiently pre-load batches of imagery above a user’s position to smooth out and reduce basemap gaps during rapid map navigation.

Adam H.
Adam H. created the Super-Ultra-Mega-Find, a one-stop text input that shows feeds, feed items, fly-to options, and ad-hoc feed results as you type.  The results are displayed in a federated list in the details window.

Daniel created Remix, an automated feed and attribute detection and configuration engine that presents a sequential UI for discovering data sources and attributes, allowing the user to define visualization preferences in VF.

Neeta created a Dispatch Soundscape that pulls in live streaming emergency response audio of public dispatch bands by mousing over US Counties.  Police bands are given play-priority on mouse-over and other bands are provided on-click in the counties’ details panel.

Andy created Backgrounder, a VF Desktop Image Cycle that converts the live status of any VF/VCC app into a series of images that feed a Windows desktop image slideshow background.

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