Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Freaky Friday

In a fast-paced office environment, it can be easy to get sucked into the secure trap of project complaisance.  There is always a stack of tasks with your name on them and you never really have the time to clear them all out.  Along the way you stub in mental post-it notes for awesome ideas or better ways of doing things in hindsight, and they fade over time.

But remember how awesome it is when every once in a great while your inbox is empty and you are left relatively to your own devices?  That's when the good stuff happens!  All those thoughts for inventions, alternatives, and improvements that you've had start popping up on your shoulder dressed like little angels or devils, but either way it is a stolen moment to experiment and invent!  If you feel this way, chances are good it's a pretty big reason you got hired in the first place -and it's a good idea for your employer to let you free range once in a while.  The surest way to go stale as a business is to keep your staff busy.

So this Friday IDV Solutions has cleared out the calendar and is hosting a no-holds-barred make-fest for employees.  And it is going to rule.  Here are the categories chosen by the staff, by which they will judge each other the following Monday...Reckoning Monday.  Winners will receive cheap junk and unrepentant bragging rights.  We'll post updates as the day goes by, so get ready to live and stay tuned at @johnnelsonidv and @idvsolutions...

And the categories are...

Most Original
This cool and fascinatingly eccentric project came right out of nowhere and hit stunned voters squarely in the nose.

Most Needed
Upon the unveiling of this project, an audible steam hiss will be heard as the idea comes into contact with red-hot demand, followed quickly with a great sigh of relief and the clapping of high fives.  This project scratches a persistent itch.

Most Marketable
This project is the most likely to be seized upon by eager peers of all sorts, poured enthusiastically into a messaging crop duster, and blasted into a parched market with great relish.

Most Promising
Maybe it isn’t in a state of demonstrable fruition yet, but this project lives within that honorable intersection of ‘beautiful in concept, clear in intent, and feasible in scope.’

Best of Show
Of all the projects, this stands out as generally the most awe-inspiring.  Maybe it was one of the categorical winners, or maybe it wasn’t somehow, but in any case this is the project that gets hoisted atop the shoulders of rapturous teammates and paraded around the field.  Then, a couple decades go by and ‘oh, I was Best of Show this, and Best of Show that’ and everybody has heard enough about all the tired old stories of the glory days and wishes Best of Show would just give it a rest already.

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