Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This is a Visiting Cartographer. And he's also a human being.

IDV is excited to announce that Josh Stevens will soon be joining us this summer as Visiting Cartographer.  Josh is one of the most exciting new thinkers in the cartography space, researching within the intersection of design, cognition, and geography. Which is a cool place to be.

Josh was a cohort of mine for a short time at Michigan State University where I witnessed firsthand his keen intellect and fierce cartography -and I’m excited to rejoin him for a while, here at IDV Solutions.

What will Josh, as Visiting Cartographer, do here at IDV? Officially, he’ll be reinforcing our visualization efforts with theory and insights, and throwing in with our teams as we wrangle data and chew on new toolsetsUnofficially, he’ll do whatever he wants.

So  on twitter and wish him a great stint!

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