Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Best American Infographics 2013

It's a ginormous honor to see my Tornado Tracks map inked into the Best American series' Infographic edition.
In a field that relies so heavily on the daisy chained realm of pixels and ethereal protocols, actual physical evidence that I existed does my heart good.  As my portfolio slowly and inevitably evolves into a collection of 404 errors, and I'm battered by existential crises, my grizzled old-timer hands will have something tangible to dig into:

Delicious cover art. It's actually matte with bronzed accents in real life.
It's so choice; if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

Thanks much to Gareth Cook, who tweets as @GarethIdeas, for the honor of inclusion and the thrill to be counted among these beautiful visualizations and their artists.  The joy of making it into this fraternity is buffered only by the realization that I'm probably just trading in my existential crises for the, admittedly way cooler, impostor syndrome!

Have yourself a pan-n-zoom here:

  • Learn more about the Best American Infographics, 2013, here.  Then buy it for yourself to keep on your coffee table and be like, "Oh what, that?  Yeah, sometimes I'll flip through it.  But mostly I like to interleave the pages with the Best American Short Stories and feel like there is all kinds of weird energy oozing out of it."  You know, stuff like that.
  • Peruse print options for the Tornado Tracks map.  Then get one for your geeky meteorologist friend who will dutifully hang it in their hallway and be asked about it by their in-laws as the latest in a long sequence of them trying to better understand the baffling new meteorologist geek in the family.  They'll thank you for it, believe me.  Plus it's priced within one standard deviation of the mean price one is typically willing to spend on their meteorologist friends.
  • Do not read up on the scintillating backstory of this map, bursting with alternate views, animations, and source data links.  You will be caught up in a world of glowing risk maps and have reoccurring nightmares about a light saber apocalypse.  You've been warned; proceed with caution.


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