Friday, October 11, 2013

Adventures in Mapping: the slideshare of a recent presentation

I recently had the privilege of chatting with students in the UC Davis Health Informatics Program about the geographer's approach to data visualization.  I used a mishmash survey of the past couple of years' works as a ruse to really talk about what motivates us, the irony of passion vs. safety, leveraging our knowledge of cognition, and what happens when we feel we've lost our muse.  Whew.
I'd planned on sharing on a more personal level my recent slump and path out of it -but I was pretty sure I'd cry on video and embarrass myself so I wisely pulled those slides at the last minute.  I think it still holds up on a meaningfulness scale, though, and I'm happy with how it went (though you can't hear me over slideshare, or the thunderous chants for an encore *wink.* Oh, and the animated maps don't animate in slideshare)!
Anyway, have yourself a click through and feel free to reach out with questions or data resources...

Just imagine a nasally annotation in a heavy Midwestern accent.

They had the sweetest lecture hall I've ever been in, by the way.  Two jumbo-trons and a laser pointer (which I lost -sorry).
Thanks to Dr. Levenson and Dr. Yellowlees for the honor of the invitation, and thanks to the students for the hot-seat Q&A and discussion afterwards!

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