Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Six Californias

There is a proposal to divide the behemoth state of California into six separate states, called the Six Californias Initiative.  You can read the initiative here.
I've heard of previous initiatives to divide the state into three parts, but the six parts approach is new, and interesting, and the brainchild of Tim Draper, a venture capital investor.
It is an intriguing idea and one that would allocate the outlier of California (geographic size and population) into entities that are more cohesive and maybe find benefits of state representation that isn't stretched so broadly and among many interests and economies.
Sure sure, all that.  But it just sounds fun, right?  I wondered what the new six states would look like among a cast of 55 and also how they might have voted in the impossible time-bending scenario of future-states performing in a past election.  So here is my abomination, which is equal parts 'oh, that's good to know' and 'this is far too complex a topic to handle this simplistically':

Three sources of data for this:

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