Thursday, April 22, 2010

Haven't They Already Mapped Everything?

The other day I again got the oft-heard (with varying levels of sincerity) comment which I’ll paraphrase as “What could you possibly do? Hasn’t the world already been mapped?”

The answer is…mostly. But, not all the stuff in the world has been mapped -and there is no shortage of stuff. So, here is a quick rundown of the stuff mapping that we’ve been working on lately for various groups…

Global supply chain visualization for a consumer product manufacturing company.
Where is the stuff made, where is it sent, where is it sold? Visualizing the volume, flow, and potential gaps in a global supply chain drives insight and promotes efficiency. As least I’m pretty sure it does.

Emergency management and response tool for military bases.
Sometimes incidents happen. This application combines emergency dispatch with response coordinators in order to...uh…manage stuff.

Site suitability tool for marketing event coordinators.
When Windows 7 had launch parties all over the world, how did they pick the specific venues? Smartly. This tool lets planners play what-if with sites, distances, and audience types.

Map-based conversation tool for investors.
Financial buzz spans borders. Got a hot tip about magnesium in Lesotho? Map your conversation and get feedback from your network.

Executive travel tracker for HR logistical company.
Large organizations with lots of traveling employees often wonder if their folks are in harm’s way. This application shows who is where, lets risk managers lasso sets of mobile travelers in order to reach out to them, and visualizes their status response. “Still in London. Hate volcanoes.”

Sales and marketing visualization for global computing hardware provider.
Where are my markets? What is the ratio of customers to partners? How does that change at greater distances?

IT Support reconnaissance visualization for global pharmaceutical.
They might get thousands of support calls a day from all over the world. How does that look? Are there trouble zones? Are there seasonal or daily cycles that are predictable? What areas are relatively trouble-prone and why?

Consulting with an energy firm on visualizing and managing their security enhancements. Think James Bond villains and moving dots.

Consulting with a global pharmaceutical on visualizing market behaviors.

Continued work with the Department of Transportation showing lots of stuff in interesting ways. If only you could see it.

Continued work with a counter terrorism unit in the effort to reduce the risk of the worst case scenario. This has been a big one lately.

Visual Fusion SaaS
A version of Visual Fusion now lives somewhere in the cloud.  You can buy your copy of The Royal Tenenbaums, or you can stream it online.  It's up to you -but, either way your life will be better.

Visual Fusion 5.0!
This time around we are going full-bore LATCH (Location, Alphabet, Time, Category, and Hierarchy) to reveal data awesomeness. Lots more on this later. 5.0 is going to be an exciting release full of benefits that you won't be able to peel your eyes away from -I just know that you will be so proud of us. In the meantime, feel free to brush up on Visual Fusion 4.5.  Live richly!

 Happy visualizing!

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