Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mapping Survives 2012

Like all reasonable people, I postponed seeing 2012 to a slow evening and a $1 rental. After subjecting myself to an hour and a half of watching cataclysm lap at the heels of a frantic John Cousack, I took great comfort in the crucial role that map dudes play aboard the humanity-saving arks and thereafter. So…one less thing.

Thematic radial blips with well formatted info tips save mankind. A bank of wall-mounted monitors also does it’s part.

“Upload the new data! Run the model, RUN THE MODEL!!!”

No self respecting technology oriented action flick would be caught without its requisite interactive mapping tool –usually operated by some proxy stooge who translates the star’s impossibly specific shouts into rounds of furious keyboard clacking.

Hollywood knows the power of a rocking visualization tool. And aside from the illlegibly tiny streaming text and anything goes ad-hoc modeling, they aren’t always that far from reality.

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  1. I much prefer thinking of you saving us all in the future with your maps...than being "Big Brother" in NYC!! Remember me on your "ark", whatever it may be. Love you, Momma Susie