Friday, September 10, 2010

5.0 Feature of the Day: Geographic Data Creation in SharePoint part II

In the previous post, I described how you can now draw geographic data along with attribute data from within a SharePoint list or library.  What other GIS-ish thing is this accessible?

User empowerment is a big push in Visual Fusion 5.0 (available this fall), and that goes hand in hand with context (obligatory Tufte quote: "Context builds meaning").  So in addition to the geographic draw tools available in the SharePoint new item interface, you can create or modify data directly in the Visual Fusion interface -right there in the application; within the context of the rest of your data.

Create, modify, revert, or delete SharePoint (or ArcSDE, SQL Server, Oracle...) data without leaving your application.

You can...
  • Draw new map data from within your application and assign it SharePoint (or whatever database) attributes
  • Edit items that you created in SharePoint (or the stuff you created in the bullet above)
  • Track changes made to an item in its lifetime and optionally restore it to a historic bookmark

Data creation made snappy.  Draw new stuff and assign attributes without orchestrating an army of network administrators, database managers, or GIS specialists.

Something need updated or removed?  Did a territory change or some attribute need to be modified.  Just go ahead and fix that yourself.

They did what?!  Wiki-like restore points let you track the evolution of an item.

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