Monday, September 13, 2010

5.0 Feature of the Day: SharePoint Alerting with Geo-fences

Add location to your alerting criteria...

Often, when you define how to be notified about something, where that something happenes is a key bit of criteria.  SharePoint has a great alerting feature that can email a set of folks when something of interest happens.  Now with Visual Fusion 5.0, you'll be able to include where it happens in your alerting criteria via a rich set of draw tools in an interactive map that let you define complex locations in conjunction with your business rules...

"I want to be notified any time suspicious activity is reported around the Manhattan entrance to the Holland Tunnel."

Here is an alert that landed in my inbox from another geo-fence alert I set up.  Nice!

The ability to add geo-fences as criteria to alerting rules is another way that Visual Fusion is breathing where into your SharePoint environment.  For more information on the Fall 2010 release of VF 5.0, or for more examples of maps in action, drop us a line.

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