Monday, January 24, 2011

Your Niche

Have you ever wondered where all of those words go that you "add to dictionary" when a word processing program doesn't recognize it?  I did.  Turns out, that dictionary is a pretty good indicator of my niche, and I presume the same would apply to you, since it is all the terms that you know are real but aren't general enough to have made the spell-check cut.  In any case, in Word 2010 (or Outlook, they share the same dictionary) you can get to your niche word list this way: File > Help > Options > Proofing > Custom Dictionaries.  Your departure from a conventional dictionary goes a long way in defining your interests.  Here's mine:

My dictionary knows all about me!  Here are my terms, proportionally lobbed into the three categories that I could make out.

1 comment:

  1. Huh, that was interesting.
    My list breaks down into these categories:
    Klingon - 24%
    Text message shorthands - 36%
    Old English words/phrases - 18%
    Proper names of hip-hop artists 22%

    ...what does that say about my niche?