Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Map Geeks and the Wall Street Journal

In yesterday's WSJ, there was a pretty fun article about a segment of American Culture who obsess over the geographic world of political redistricting.  They draw scenario maps to un-gerrymander or super-ultra-mega-gerrymander a state's political districts for the fun of it.  There is a relatively small segment of society who are this into the political implications of the modifiable areal unit problem -but it needn't be so small.  Considering the proportional impact on our practical lives, political districting is one of the most important civic action that there is!

Anyways I giggled a little when I read the moniker "map geek" in a WSJ article.  It's official.

Fore more than you'll care to know about gerrymandering, I invite you to some riveting reading, and feel free to spend about 2 minutes of your allotted time on this earth watching a gerrymander demo, courtesy some serious map geeks:

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