Thursday, April 21, 2011

AAG 2011 and Other Stuff

I've just returned from the 2011 meeting of the Association of American Geographers.  Rock.  The focus was integration of time as a totally awesome dimension of spatial data.  I was involved in the formidably-named Spatiotemporal Visualization Methods session, which was packed with great presentations.  Here is a link to the slide deck for my talk, which was all hand-drawn ala Demitri Martin, my new favorite entertainer.

A riveting slide deck from a performance that, because of surging cortisol levels, I have only vague memories of.

An example of Dimitri Martin's data graphics, appropriately about time -a style I ripped off for the AAG.

Blogger has some cool new ways to visualize posts, presumably for touch devices.  Anyways, now you can bathe in the rich experience of UXBlog in five new flavors...

Hmmmm.  A pretty nice pictoral overview...mosaic mode!

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