Friday, August 19, 2011

Chalkboard Maps: Trade Flow

Some time ago the folks at IDV Solutions put together some shipping traffic maps for a client by aggregating a one-day range of many vessel tracking feeds, smooshed into a Visual Fusion heatmap, and served up in the web-based client.

Grab the full-sized version here.

With some image export sneakiness (here's how), the heatmap feed is exported in baffling detail, then tossed into the good ol' chalkboard.  I have a chalkboard compulsion these days; it's irrational, I can't control it.

Loads of points coalesce into a weighted heatmap to provide a visual indication of shipping lines in a more conventional view in VFX.


  1. Your chalkboard compulsion may seem irrational, but it does make things look so much cooler. How I wish I could map out my binary option trading portfolio this way.

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