Thursday, October 27, 2011

Physical Security: an Actionable Combination of Live Camera Feeds and the Drive-Time Service in VCC

IDV Solutions' new solution for physical security, Visual Command Center (VCC), has a specialized bundle of tools and services for the security specialist.  I'll lay out a few of the more interesting (from my perspective, anyways) use cases in a series of posts, starting with this one.
Context adds meaning.  By accessing two separate feeds in a unified context, the utility of both are enhanced.  In this case, I'll describe the benefit of blending live camera feeds and a drive-time service into a unified workflow.

The VCC, a physical security solution offered by IDV includes bundled licences to many targeted data providers.  One of the coolest is a nation-wide constellation of live traffic cameras.  Their locations are seen on the map along with their streaming content.

Using any location as a starting point, or any point asset on the map, the Drive-Time service provides a fast and intuitive means of asking for sequential coverage areas by time, which reaches out to IDV's cloud-based transportation network and returns polygons for each coverage area.  Here, I've asked for 1,2,3,4,and 5-minute rings from around a particular camera on California's I-5.

Any polygon drawn on the map can serve as a quick area-of-interest query, restricting the items in the feed list on the right to only those falling within.  In this case, I'm interested in seeing cameras within a 5-minute driving range.

Here's the result of my spatial query action.  Only those traffic cameras within a 5-minute drive from the original location are displayed in a quickly scannable list.  This area can be modified by the user, or added to via the other methods of drawing areas of interest available from the toolbox...

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