Monday, October 24, 2011

Play-Through for Time Stamped Data

Here's an example of using the playback feature in Visual Fusion.  The data comes from NOAA's National Hurricane Center, available online in ASCII format, which we dumped into SQL Server (but it could have been some other format, like Oracle, ArcGIS Server, SharePoit, and so on).  Because this data has time stamped information, it is an automatic fit for the Time Filter, one of the out-of-the-box tools in Visual Fusion for visually slicing and dicing data on the web.
In this video, I've recorded Visual Fusion sequencing through the 2005 hurricane season day by day, but any time stamped data would work.

There's nothing wrong with your speakers, this has no sound.

What is it showing?  The data are represented in three simultaneous presentations, all of which are listening to the time filter: a map, a timeline, and a frequency chart.  All told, this presentation is showing time span (the range of time a hurricane was active), time stamp (an instance of an alert), spatial latitude, spatial longitude, travel direction, hurricane category classification, and raw wind speed.  Running the data through the Time Filter's playback illustrates relative travel speed as a bonus!

Here's more info on the playback control in the SDK:

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