Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Visual Fusion 5.5

Au audible sigh of exhausted satisfaction can be heard over Lansing, Michigan, as we are kicking version 5.5 of Visual Fusion out of the nest today, into the awaiting arms of Sweet Lady Commerce.  Whew!

Some of the key features of this release are the...

  • iPad viewer (you can actually download this for free on iTunes, and it's seeded with some example applications which are fun in their own right; take your Visual Fusion apps into the field)
  • Drive-Time service (which shows you how far you could reasonably travel in any direction in a certain amount of minutes; like elevation contours...but for time!)

    Here's a horrible, soundless, short clip demonstrating drive-time.
  • Route Planning (where you can set up a sequence of destinations and add/remove/order them as you see fit, and get the combined and leg-specific time, distance, and turn-by-turn directions)
    Here's a basement-production-value video of route-planning in action.

  • Floorplan Overlay (it's a new Visual Fusion SharePoint library that lets you drop in a building floorplan or stack of floorplans and visually align them to Earth; you are Chloe O'Brian)

    More info here on the floorplan overlay library.

    So dig in and let us know what you think!  And if you have more ideas around what should come next, we love hearing about it.

    In the meantime, I have a Visual Fusion 5.5 Launch Chili Cook-off to get to!

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