Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Testing on the Megatablet

Doing some testing on a prototype megatablet...

An immersive bit of hardware with dazzling resolution to meet the clamoring demands of the market begging for an elegant and portable device with just a little more real estate than a conventional tablet or smartphone.  It comes with backpack straps for on-the-go users and a nominally sized battery that slips conveniently into the pocket of generous cargo pants.  Soon you'll be able to read the news on a crowded bus, curl up with a good book, browse the web while you wait in line for your coffee, listen to music in the park, or chat on the phone with Mom on your drive home -all without having to worry about fat-fingering tiny buttons.

Not recommended for use in the hot sun or by the infirm.

P.S. This is parody.  That's a monitor.

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