Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vector Art Demo: Shield

A quick video demonstrating how to build a vector shield icon.  I happen to use Blend here because this icon will be used in our web applications, but the process is the focus here, rather than the technology.  It could be much the same in other tools, and the concept of vector building is pretty much the same.  Plus it's set to Beethoven's Piano Sonata 1 to stimulate other parts of your brain concurrently in order to invoke synesthesia...

Here is a dropbox link to this XAML file.

Vector Art Tip:  Avoid baking in color gradients that you may want to be dynamic.  Try layering brightness gradients on top of a flat color that you can change dynamically.  This way you still get the illusion of depth but with the simpler lever of a single color variable.

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