Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 Recap

Compared to previous years, the activity in this 2014 run-down is mayyybe tough evidence of the long tail of my muse slipping away.  I'll need more data points to say this with confidence, of course.  They come and go; it's ok.
Life is a big ledger of cost and opportunity cost -but it's also a wonderful adventure; I'm concentrating on recognizing loveliness in things that are inherently lovely and looking for the loveliness in things that are, on their surface, unlovely.

So here's a recap of those times when I couldn't keep that to myself...

Occasionally, some pile of data will drag itself across my eyeballs and I can't not try to see it as a picture. Here are some manifestations of that.

Here are a couple wordy posts where I advise on crap like professional fulfillment and communication, for whatever that's worth.

Textures and Bathymetry
I had a lot of fun trying to make realistic-looking surfaces by marrying bathymetry map layers and material textures like slate and wood. When the universe was bashing skeuomorphism, I was having a great time reveling in ratcheted-up phony carto realism.

How and Why
For a nerd like me, reminiscing how and why I made things is just as fun as the making, and it also serves as a nice feedback loop for appreciating the process of creation and the fun in sharing that with others.

And here's a look at the relative interest the internet had in these posts...

Anyway, be thankful for your 2014 and do well in 2015. All the best,

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